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What are the types of glass insulators?

Pulished on Jul. 26, 2019

What are the types of glass insulators? 

Glass Insulator can be classified into the following categories according to the type of glass:

1. Borosilicate glass: borosilicate glass has less alkali components harmful to electrical properties, and is easy to melt and process. It has good mechanical strength, rapid cooling and rapid heat resistance, and excellent insulation properties. Such as "Pyfex" (Pyfex) United States, "Terex" (Te r e x) Japan and other well-known commodities, such as high-frequency equipment such as insulation materials, antenna insulators, communication insulators for communication equipment.

2. Alkali-free glass: Aerodynamic Glass Insulator used for insulation coating such as power supply line is glass containing a large amount of alkali, and has poor chemical stability and insulation properties. Therefore, it is necessary to use alkali-free glass as a raw material.

3. Quartz glass: Quartz glass is made by heating and melting the powder of silica sand and crystal at about 1800 ° C. It is almost completely alkali-free, has high electrical resistivity, low dielectric loss and excellent insulation performance. In addition, the coefficient of thermal expansion is small, because of its good chemical stability, it can be used for high-frequency insulation and the like.

Glass Insulator

4. Soda lime glass: soda lime glass is low in price, low in softening temperature, easy to form and process, but due to many alkali components, it is not suitable as electrical insulation. However, in recent years, dielectric properties have been improved by the addition of a butyl BaO component, and in some countries where excellent insulators are not available, it has been used as an insulator material for power distribution and transmission.

5. Lead glass: Lead glass is a kind of glass containing PbO. It has low softening temperature, easy processing and good insulation performance. It is mainly used as glass for vacuum tube.

Glass insulators are currently a widely used type of insulator.

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