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Advantages Of Glass Insulators

Pulished on May. 27, 2021

Advantages Of Glass Insulators

What are the advantages of glass insulators? Now glass insulators manufacturers will introduce the advantages of glass insulators here.

In the first few years of production and operation, it was found that glass insulators have the following advantages over porcelain insulators:

Due to the high mechanical strength of the surface of the glass insulator, the surface is not easy to crack. The electrical strength of glass generally remains unchanged during the entire operation, and the aging process of glass is much slower than that of porcelain insulators. Therefore, glass insulators are mainly scrapped due to self-injury in the first year of operation, while defects of porcelain insulators are only discovered after several years of operation.

By using glass insulators, it is possible to cancel the periodical electrification prevention test of the insulators during operation. This is because every kind of toughened glass damage will cause damage to the insulator, which is easy to find when the operator is patrolling the line. When the insulator is damaged, the glass fragments near the steel cap and iron feet are stuck, and the mechanical strength of the remaining insulators is sufficient to prevent the insulator string from breaking.

The raw materials for making glass insulators are more stable than those for making electrical porcelain, which creates favorable conditions for stabilizing the electrical and mechanical properties of glass.

Due to the transparency of glass, it is easy to find small cracks and various internal defects and damages during visual inspection.

The mechanical and electrical properties of tempered glass are much higher than porcelain, and the size and weight of the same type of insulator are much smaller than porcelain and silicone rubber insulators.

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