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Characteristics Of Porcelain Line Post Insulators

Pulished on Jul. 18, 2019

Characteristics of Porcelain Line Post Insulators

Porcelain Line Post Insulators have the following characteristics:

(1) high mechanical strength, 1 ~ 2 times higher than that of porcelain insulator.

(2) stable performance, not aging, electrical performance than porcelain insulator.

(3) less production process, short production cycle, convenient for mechanization and automation production, high production efficiency.

(4) due to the transparency of ceramic insulator, it is easy to find small cracks and various internal defects or damage during external inspection.

Porcelain Line Post Insulators

(5) when the glass body of the insulator has various defects, the glass will automatically break, which is called "self-breaking". After the insulator is broken, the residual hammer of the iron cap still maintains a certain mechanical strength and hangs on the line. The line can still continue to run. When the line patrol personnel patrol the line, it is easy to find the broken insulator, and timely replacement of the insulator. Due to the "self-breaking" characteristic of ceramic insulators, there is no need to carry out preventive test on insulators during the online circuit operation, which brings great convenience to the operation.

(6) the weight of ceramic insulator is light. Due to manufacturing technology and other reasons, the "self-breaking" rate of ceramic insulators is high, which is the fatal defect of ceramic insulators.

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