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Glass Insulators


Standard glass insulator, Anti-Fog/Anti-Pollution glass insulator, Aerodynamic glass insulator all could be supplied in our company, if you have any demand for the Anti-fog/Anti-Pollution toughened glass insulator, pls contact us freely


In the first few years of production and operation, glass insulators have been found to have the following advantages over porcelain insulators:

Because of the high mechanical strength of glass insulator surface, the surface is not easy to crack. The electrical strength of glass generally remains the same throughout the operation, and its aging process is much slower than that of porcelain. Therefore, glass insulators are mainly scrapped due to self-damage, which occurs within the first year of operation. However, the defects of porcelain insulators are only discovered after several years of operation.

The use of glass insulators eliminates the need for periodic preventive tests on live insulators during operation. This is because every type of damage to tempered glass causes damage to the insulator, and operators can easily spot it while patrolling the line. When the insulator is damaged, glass shards near the steel cap and iron foot get stuck, and the mechanical strength of the remaining part of the insulator is strong enough to prevent the insulator string from breaking. The self-breaking rate of glass insulator is one of the important indexes to measure the product quality, and it is also the quality basis of the current bidding and bidding for transmission projects.