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Why are crossarms important

Pulished on Jul. 24, 2018

Utility companies and companies that depend on reliable utility infrastructures to conduct business are always in need of Power Line Fittings that can improve system resiliency and maximize uptime through the worst storms, freezes and droughts. 

After a bad storm or vehicle collision hits overhead lines, you can’t afford to risk the lengthy and often dangerous outage. That’s why the Electrical Cross Arm is designed for versatility and efficiency. The same arm can be used in more applications, meaning that there’s less chance of putting the wrong arm in the wrong place. 

Overhead Solutions has long been a leader in premium overhead products, and with the addition of the Transmission cross arm to the lineup of superior wood crossarms and transmission products, the durable crossarm comes with a 10 year warranty and is supported by undeniable utilities industry expertise.

Why are crossarms important