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Structural Analysis of Strain Clamp

Pulished on Jul. 26, 2018

Power Line Fittings reveals the construction of this strain clamp. The strain clamp is composed of aluminum tubing and steel anchor. The steel tubing in the front of the steel anchor retains the metal strands. The aluminum tube functions as a bridge: a end joined to the aluminum strands and another attached to the steel anchor [9].The aluminum stranded cables of conductor near the crimping field of steel anchor are stripped. The power of aluminum strands was replaced with aluminum tubing, suggesting they yield 67% of ranked breaking pressure on the conductor. This region of the force can be broken to the friction pressure and shear force on the hydraulic link between the aluminum tube and the steel anchor. The friction force on the aluminum tube and the steel anchor is proportional to the crimping period of this aluminum tube onto the steel anchor, whereas the shear force on the aluminum tube and the steel anchor is directly proportional to the amount of grooves along with the period of the grooves.

strain clamp