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Introduction of Insulator Pin

Pulished on Jul. 21, 2018

The Insulator Pin is used in power distribution for the voltage up to 33kV. It is placed on the cross arm of the supporting tower. The pin insulator has grooves on the upper end for keeping the conductor. The conductor is tied to the insulator on the top groove on straight line positions and side groove in angle positions by annealed binding wire of the same material as that of the conductor. A lead thimble is cemented into the insulator body to receive the pin.


The Pin Insulator With Spindle uses non-conducting material like porcelain, ceramic, silicon rubber, polymer, etc., The weight of the polymer pin insulator material is more as compared to porcelain insulator material.

For low voltage, the single piece Insulator Pin / Spindle is used, and for high voltage two or more pieces are cemented together for maintaining the proper thickness of the insulator. The insulator provides the adequate path to the leakage current.

Insulator Pin