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[Power Line Fittings for sale]How to install insulator correctly?

Pulished on May. 17, 2019

How to install insulator correctly?

Insulator is an indispensable component of power network, include the Silicon Rubber Insulator China ,and also a necessary condition to ensure the smooth operation of power network. Therefore, the correct installation of insulator is very important. Next, we will introduce the correct installation method of insulator.

Insulator and wall bushing shall be inspected before installation. Porcelain parts and flanges shall be intact without cracks, and the packing at the bonding place shall be complete and firmly combined.

Silicon Rubber Insulator China­

The top surface of post insulator or wall bushing installed on the same plane or vertical plane shall be located on the same plane, and the center line position shall meet the design requirements. The installation center line of the post insulator in the straight section of the bus shall be in the same straight line. The base or flange shall not be embedded in the concrete or plastering layer. When stacking post insulators, the center line shall be consistent, the fixation shall be firm and the fasteners shall be complete. Cushion washers of rubber or asbestos paper with thickness not less than 1.5mm shall be used between the low-voltage post insulator without base and top cap and the contact surface of metal fasteners.

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