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Terminal contact failure

Pulished on May. 22, 2019

China Silicon Rubber Insulator supplier shares that nowadays, the application of terminal is more and more extensive. As we all know, the terminal is composed of two parts, insulation material and conductive body, which determine the insulation performance and conductive performance of the terminal respectively, so the quality of these two parts is directly related to the quality of the whole terminal. Because the terminal is used in some conductive engineering, if one terminal has a problem, it may lead to the whole system has a problem, so before the end of the failure, we should timely prevention, in the end of the failure, we should timely repair. In a way, prevention is more important than repair, which can ensure the stability and reliability of the terminal in use.

Generally speaking, the three major factors that may cause the terminal failure are poor contact, poor insulation and poor fixation.

China Silicon Rubber Insulator supplier

For today I will give you the poor contact the failure factors, in this paper we also said to the insulation of conductive material and is the end of the two core components, the conductive body is the external wires or cables in voltage is passed on to the corresponding contact element, so contact must be excellent structure, only in this way can keep stable contact, the voltage has been stable conveying, so we in the contact failure prevention is to use the structure design of reasonable contact element, choose if material is high quality, in conjunction with the advanced processing technology for production of contact element, After the assembly is completed, some protective work should also be done in the stored procedure. If meet the above case, the end still appeared a poor contact such failure factors, we need to consider in the process of using the end is in some kind of bad environment or is in use process have all legitimate operation behavior, will result in both cases the contact of contact and cooperate with the two parts have poor contact this kind of situation.

Above are some factors of terminal contact fault, we can do some preventive work from some aspects to ensure that the terminal in the use of the process to reduce the contact fault, if you also want to understand the fault of the other two terminals, you can log on the website of huaxi technology for viewing query.

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