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Classification of insulated terminals

Pulished on May. 14, 2019

Classification of insulated terminals

Want to know how to buy an insulated terminal? Want to know how to distinguish the quality of insulation terminal? Want to know the characteristics of the insulated terminal? In this paper, the manufacturers are more concerned about the hot issue of insulation terminal.

1. What is an insulating fitting?

The author thinks that should be a lot of people hear insulation terminal for the first time all of it is not very understanding, including my own at first thought it is the nickname terminals, insulated terminals and the terminal blocks are actually two different things, insulated terminals is a broken plastic sealed in the strong insulating ability of the metal conductor terminal, it has a hole can be inserted at both ends of wire to connect, can be used when using screws to tighten or loosen very convenient, many people will ask why I don't want to use insulation terminal? In fact, in a lot of need to connect and in some cases need to disconnect it is very suitable for use, and close to the use of convenient insulation terminal in the appearance looks very beautiful.

insulated terminal

2. What are the classification of insulated terminals?

For many people who want to buy insulation terminal to know its specific classification, the classification of the insulation terminal is very much, such as: circular insulation terminal, fork insulation terminal, needle insulated terminals, Electric Insulating fitting, the bullet terminal insulation, male female type insulation terminal and tubular insulation terminal, and so on a lot of kinds, everyone at the time of purchase must use demand according to oneself buy right, avoid the happening of terminal can not use).