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What are the main factors that affect the performance of pin insulator?

Pulished on Jul. 08, 2019

What are the main factors that affect the performance of pin insulator?

In the use of Insulator Pin, heavy problems often occur, which affect the normal use performance and value of China Pin Insulator with Spindle. Therefore, inspection should be carried out in a certain way and method during use, and faults are often analyzed. The following are the causes and influencing factors of pin insulators' faults:

Effect of insulation string length

In general, there is a linear relationship between insulation string length and pollution lightning voltage, but due to the proximity effect caused by the distance between insulator string and tower structure, there is saturation between insulator string length and pollution lightning voltage at high voltage. In practical engineering design and construction, in order to improve flashover voltage, the number of insulator pieces should be appropriately increased according to calculation, but the distance from insulation string should be paid attention to and considered in tower architecture design.

Effects of acid rain and fog

Due to different geographical environments, atmospheric pollution results in the presence of acid rain and acid fog to different degrees in some areas. As the conductivity of acidic pollutants increases with the decrease of pH value, flashover voltage of insulators is greatly reduced. With the acceleration of industrialization, the situation of air pollution in power grid becomes more serious. Therefore, it is necessary to improve environmental protection awareness, strengthen law enforcement, and take technical measures to strengthen the management of power transmission and transformation equipment to avoid flashover accidents.

Insulator Pin / Spindle

Lightning and operating overvoltage effects

As the overvoltage generated by lightning and electrical operation is easy to cause flashover of polluted insulators, part of flashover is caused by lightning and operating overvoltage. Therefore, in the design of power transmission and transformation, we should pay attention to the technical measures of lightning protection and operation overvoltage.

Influence of insulation creep distance, structure and material

The creep distance, structure and material of pin insulators are closely related to the pollution lightning pressure. Generally, the pollution lightning pressure increases with the increase of the creep distance. The structural shape of insulators directly affects the anti-pollution performance of insulators. Reasonable structural design makes the surface smooth, not easy to form vortexes, and the amount of pollution accumulated is small, which increases the pollution lightning voltage. High polymer organic composite material is used, because of its large shape coefficient, large surface resistance and good hydrophobicity, good antifouling performance. Therefore, in the selection of insulator, it is necessary to reasonably select its geometric creep distance and structure according to specific conditions, adopt new technology and actively promote the use of composite insulator.