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Quotation for composite post insulator

Pulished on May. 09, 2019

Quotation for composite post insulator

Pillar of Composite Insulator China in different types have different functions, structure height and creepage distance is also each are not identical, pillar composite insulator is mainly used in transformer substation, and has good hydrophobic tracking resistance, aging resistance, and electrical erosion resistance, high tensile strength and bending strength of its high mechanical strength, shock resistance, shock and the brittle fracture performance is good, light weight, easy installation and maintenance, the installation of the upper and lower end pillar porcelain insulator and the corresponding to the size of the installation of the same size, can be used interchangeably.

Composite post insulator can effectively use the narrow corridor to open the voltage and send electricity, which is suitable for the technical transformation of urban network, can reduce the height of the tower, and can save a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. Small size, light weight, shock resistance, strong ability, do not need manual cleaning, to provide security for safe operation. This product adopts integral bar design, compact structure, high quality, weight is the same grade of porcelain and glass insulator 1/10, transportation and installation is very convenient.

Composite Insulator China

Suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile load, long span and compact lines. Pollution lightning voltage is 30%-50% higher than that of the same grade porcelain and glass insulators. Stable performance at -60 --+200 ambient temperature; Non-break-through design is adopted, and zero value is not needed in operation. Superior electrical performance and high mechanical strength. The tensile and bending strength of the internal carrying epoxy glass guide rod is 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel and 8 to 10 times higher than that of high-strength porcelain material, effectively improving the reliability of safe operation.

Composite Insulators have good anti-pollution performance, good anti-pollution performance, strong anti-pollution flashover, and its wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage is 2~2.5 times of the same crawling distance porcelain insulator. And does not need to clean, can in the heavy pollution to the safe operation.

Small size, light weight (only 1/6~1/9 of the same voltage grade porcelain insulator). Lightweight structure, easy to transport and installation.