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High - end innovation of electric fasteners

Pulished on Aug. 09, 2019

High - end innovation of electric fasteners shared by Overhead Line Fittings supplier.

Recently, the reporter saw from qujiang district that the workers on the assembly line of "haili" production workshop were busy processing a series of electric fasteners, including bolts and nuts the size of thumb, and some with diameters larger than the mouth of paper cups.

"These products all adopt the national power industry standard" hot-dip galvanized bolts and nuts for transmission line towers and power fittings "drafted by haili, which came into effect in March last year. The three vertical and three horizontal transmission grids in the country's future planning, and the iron tower power fasteners all adopt this standard. Jiang haimu, chief engineer of zhejiang haili group co., LTD., said that from the initial entry into the market with bolts, to the establishment of national standards, industry standards, to win the market voice, haili relies on a high-end innovation road.

Founded in 1993, "haili" has been cooperating with hebei university of technology, wuhan university, zhejiang university of technology and other universities since 2001 to develop new technologies such as hot dip galvanizing internal heating, stamping die laser and so on. In 2003, a key project of the state grid was started. Due to the insufficient strength of the electric fasteners, the state grid found "haili". At the same time, haili is developing successful high-strength electrical fasteners to gain a foothold in the industry.

After 2006, the power transmission project of state grid was gradually increased from 100,000 volts to 1,000,000 volts. The transmission towers were built higher and higher, and the power fasteners also required higher strength and larger specifications. Aiming at the opportunity, haili seized the opportunity to develop large-specification and high-strength electric fasteners. At that time, the highest diameter of electric fasteners of national standard was M39, and haili issued a challenge to M64. Facing unprecedented problems, the technical research team lasted for two years and finally succeeded in the research and development.

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Electrical Fasteners

In 2008, through bidding, the company undertook the national key project: zhoushan network span of the world's first transmission tower. At 370 meters high and 5,999 tons, it was the tallest and heaviest tower in the world at the time, and it required high quality electrical fasteners. The maximum diameter of the bolt nut shall be M64 and the minimum M46. Haili has produced a total of 500 tons of high-quality electric fasteners for zhoushan network longspan, which has aroused great response among the peers. Soon, the company was rated as the domestic first-class power line power fastener manufacturer.

That same year, led by "haili makes" drafting electrical fasteners, hot dip galvanized layer, the Power Line Hardware in outer thread fasteners screws hold the galvanized layer ", "power fastener threads, thread for zinc coating, such as three national standards, all through the national electric power fastener standardization technical committee review, and the implementation of the following year. Since then, "haili" has held the power of speech in the industry.

Now "haili" has also undertaken many key projects of national power grid, including 3 1,000,000 v uhv lines, such as "west zhejiang-xiluodu" construction project, "anhui -- Shanghai" anhui power transmission project, "north zhejiang-fujian" line, etc.

No one I have, people I have excellent. "Haili" constantly strengthens the research and development of science and technology to seize the technical heights, making products always full of competitiveness. Since 2011, the company has invested nearly 20 million yuan in scientific research funds. At present, the new products independently developed by the company have been granted 24 national patents.

Having the right to speak means having the market. At present, the annual sales volume of "haili" accounts for about 40% of the national market, among which hot-dip galvanizing electric power fastener products account for more than 90% in the national high-intensity big spanning project, with an annual output value of 170 million yuan.