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Development background of composite insulator

Pulished on Aug. 21, 2019

The development background of composite insulator is described in detail by Power Line Hardware supplier.

In the 1980 s, tsinghua university, wuhan institute of hydraulic and electric engineering, and other units in the national ">" project support, start the research and development of Composite Insulator, two units umbrella skirt material chooses high temperature vulcanization silicone rubber, epoxy glass hardware and steel reinforced bar connection methods to choose the path of different skills, chosen is a wedge structure in tsinghua university. Wuhan institute of water conservancy and electric power USES the outer wedge structure.

The scientific and technological achievements of the two schools are transferred to enterprises and transformed into productive forces. At the beginning, the electric power operation part of the application of composite insulator doubts, the operation of the network is very stable, just under 110 kV voltage grade is not important to hang a few samples live check. In 1990, severe pollution flashover occurred in north China on a large scale. The composite insulator - Porcelain Line Post Insulators on trial showed excellent ability to resist pollution flashover, which was popular with electric power operation units.

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Porcelain Pin Insulator

Greatly improve the transmission and distribution lines of pollution resistance flashing ability, and reduce the line cleaning workload, so by the electric power operation units welcome. After several years of operation check, the power management part of the composite insulator is a new anti-pollution flashover skill, and began to apply in the children over 110kV voltage level. At the initial stage of application of composite insulators, the power operation part holds a stable mood towards the application of composite insulators on the 500kv power line, with special emphasis on operation experience.

Therefore, several batches of composite insulators were imported from the United States, Germany and other composite insulator manufacturers, and domestic 500 kV composite insulators were also continuously connected to the grid. Through more than ten years of testing, the operation practice indicates that the quality of domestic composite insulators is not inferior to that of imported ones. In the composite insulator research and development, technology, data, experimental method, aging problems, mechanical properties, brittle fracture problems, umbrella group cutting, high altitude problems. Researchers in the field of composite insulators have made a lot of continuous discussions, which provide solid technical support for the development and quality assurance of composite insulators in China.