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Classification of copper terminal

Pulished on May. 05, 2019

Classification of copper terminal

Do you know the classification of copper terminal? This paper by the Power Line Fittings manufacturer yipeng technology for you to carry out a detailed introduction.

1. SC series copper terminal of peephole

Peep mouth SC series of copper terminals can be subdivided into 34 concrete of different models, this type of copper terminals as huaxi technology of best-selling products sales very hot, it made use of high quality copper has high conductivity, you can choose according to the cross-sectional area of the wire can connect to the specific model, 1.5 square mm to 50 mm square wire and area can use the terminal used to connect.

2. Middle naked end L series

This type of copper terminal looks like a small copper tube from the outside, and then a small opening is made in the middle of the copper tube for wiring. This terminal has a larger cross-sectional area (up to 1000 square mm) than the peak conductor SC series.

3. Marine copper terminals (JG series)

As the name suggests, Marine series copper terminal is mainly used in various types of ships, it can support 10 to 70 square mm wire connection.

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