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What is composite insulator?

Pulished on May. 28, 2019

What is composite insulator?

Composite insulators started in the world in the 1950s and have a history of more than 40 years.China Silicon Rubber Insulators were put into production around 1967. China's silicone rubber insulators were put into production around 1967. The production and operation of silicone rubber insulators in China has a history of more than ten years. In the power system, there are thousands of domestic high-voltage composite insulators in operation. With the implementation of China's ultra-high voltage transmission project, the project of transmission of electricity from west to east will be further launched, and the demand for high-voltage composite insulators will be greatly increased.

What is composite insulator?

Composite insulator is a special insulating control which can play an important role in overhead transmission lines.

Composite insulators can be divided into: line composite insulators and power station, electrical composite insulators. It can also be divided into rod type suspension composite insulator, needle type composite insulator, crossarm composite insulator, post composite insulator, wind deflecting composite insulator, etc.

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In the early years, insulators were mostly used in power poles. With the development of science and technology, a lot of disk-shaped insulators were slowly developed at one end of the high-type high-voltage wire connecting tower. They were used to add creepage interval and were generally made of glass or ceramics, which were called insulators. Insulator in overhead transmission lines in the two fundamental effect, namely support wire and prevent the current back, it is necessary to ensure that the two effect, the insulator should not change due to environmental and electrical load conditions lead to a variety of electrical and mechanical stress and failure, or insulator will not have a significant effect, will harm the use of the whole line and full operation.

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