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A Guide to Electrical Piercing Clamp

Pulished on Sep. 20, 2023

What is an electrical piercing clamp?

An electrical piercing clamp is frequently created as a standalone port or adapter. These adapters can likewise be soldered or kinky to a cable or cord to develop test leads as well as wire settings up. The piercing adapter has a needle or several needles that pierce the wires external insulation jacket to access the cables internal (solitary or multi) conductor for testing. By triggering the needle( s) upon cord call, diagnostic testing is able to occur as an instantaneous link is developed to your DMM (digital multimeters), security analyzers, circuits/boards, or various other screening equipment. This non-invasive screening is excellent for hard to get to cords as well as likewise gets rid of the time-consuming as well as destructive nature of strip or cutting the wire to access the conductor for testing. Upon elimination of the needle( s), just a small cut( s) or opening( s) is left, making certain cable stability is preserved. To activate the puncturing needle, connectors typically have hands-on screw tightening up devices or a simple springtime activation. Insulation-piercing elements supply individuals with a quick, user-friendly installation onto the cable. E-Z-Hook makes both hand-helds as well as deployable ports in different dimensions and needle bed setups.

Electrical Piercing Clamp

Kinds of electrical piercing clamps

The connection approach is a concept aspect that affects a port's performance and the integrity of the link. Adequate pressure to hold the call interface in position is important to guarantee a solid and reputable link for electrical screening. Connection methods usually suit different applications as well as those commonly readily available consisting of a thumbscrew lock or spring-loaded device pressured by hand force. Some will certainly combine two of the methods to maximize the link pressure and/or safety. Choosing the appropriate electrical piercing clamp that is developed for the wire size being pierced is vital to strong and also trusted connections. Cords have to sit in the facility of the needle idea in order for the needle(s) to puncture the center of the cable for a solid link. If the needle or needle cluster is too big, puncturing a tiny diameter cable can be tough or lead to a bad link or wire damage. If the adapter tip is as well little it might not supply appropriate contact in a larger diameter wire.


Spring-Loaded Link: This connection utilizes the stress or mechanical energy of the spring sinking the needle into the wire insulation to produce contact with the cable conductor. Springs are flexible, suggesting flexible parts return to their initial sizes and shape as soon as stress or force has been gotten rid of, the exact same pressure utilized to deform the part in the first place in order to achieve the wanted form for usage. The stress of the spring depends on the dimension, product, and also coil numbers.

Electrical Piercing Clamp

Call Pointer Forming: The form of contact tip on a connector is developed to help with the placing as well as piercing of the cable. For solitary or small quantity of needles, this normally takes the type of a 'V' or 'U' shape at a span fitting defined wires sizes to sit centrally positioned under the needle(s). It is also usual to find a level surface area or jaw design, ensuring that the needles are evenly pressed into the cord upon actuation. 'V' designed suggestions are the most flexible when swapping with a wide range of wire dimensions as it much more quickly focus cable prior to piercing.


Thumb Screw Connection: This link is much more trustworthy as soon as secured right into place with a much more safe and secure and also by hand controlled tightened up clamp. This makes an excellent remedy for longer electrical screening durations, however, thumb screw parts are slower to mount than both spring-loaded and hand pressure piercing adapters. This connection design needs reasonable access to wire in order to make sure customers have the ability to tighten up the piercing connector for a solid link.


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