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Types of Eye Bolts

Pulished on May. 24, 2024

Used as a lifting or securement point, eye bolts are one of the most popular types of rigging hardware. Just like slings, sling hooks, and shackles, eye bolts come in a number of different designs and configurations. Eye bolts can be used as a connection point for rigging, anchoring, pulling, pushing, or hoisting applications.

In this section, we’ll address some terms you may be familiar with, including shouldered eye bolts, non-shouldered eye bolts, forged eye bolts, and bent eye bolts.

Types of Eye BoltsTypes of Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts

Shouldered Eye Bolts

Shouldered eye bolts are also commonly referred to as “shoulder pattern” eye bolts. These eye bolts are designed with a shoulder at the point where the eye and the shank come together. This shoulder design reduces bending stresses on the shank and allows the eye bolt to be used for angular lifting if the shoulder is properly seated in the load.

When used for sideloading or angular loading, you must ensure that the shoulder is completely flush to function properly. Always follow the manufacturer’s specifications and reduction in capacity based on the different angles of loading.

If you are lifting with slings at ANY angle, you must use a shouldered eye bolt.

Non-Shouldered Eye Bolts

Non-shouldered eye bolts are also commonly referred to as “plain pattern” eye bolts. Designed without a shoulder, they can only be used for truly vertical or in-line lifts. Non-shouldered eye bolts are not designed for or intended to be used for, any type of side loading or angular loading.

Shouldered Eye Bolts vs. Non-Shouldered Eye Bolts

When selecting the proper eye bolt for your application, one of the most important considerations is whether you need a shouldered or non-shouldered (plain pattern) eye bolt. A shouldered eye bolt can be used for vertical in-line lifts or for angular lifts. Non-shouldered eye bolts should be used for in-line or vertical lifts only and should NEVER be used for angular lifts.

YIPENG Eye Bolts

YIPENG Eye Bolts

Forged Eye Bolts

Forged eye bolts are hammered or pressed into form, which changes the grain structure of the metal to create a stronger, harder, and more durable product. Forged eye bolts are useful for heavier-duty lifting applications as they’re significantly stronger than wire eyes, can withstand loads up to the tensile strength of the material they’re made from and are available in larger sizes.

When equipped with a shoulder, forged eye bolts can be used for in-line or angular loading.

Bent Eye Bolts

Also referred to as turned eye or wire eye bolts, these eye bolts are made from one piece that is bent and shaped to form the eye.

Bent eye bolts are used primarily for lighter-duty applications and should not be used for heavy loads, which can cause the eye to open, or for angular loads, which can bend or break the bolt.

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