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What Are The Procedures for The Quality of Power Accessories?

Pulished on Nov. 23, 2018

Cable Accessories such as Socket Clevis This quality assurance program should include at least the following:

Stay Rod

(1) When the cable accessories are shipped from the factory, the key components (for example, rubber stress cones, ICP epoxy bushings, impregnating agents, prefabricated parts of intermediate joints, etc.) should be strictly tested at the factory. Carefully check whether the test and measurement equipment is reliable, whether the test method is effective, whether the tester is well trained and whether the test record is complete;

(2) Whether the installation and construction personnel dispatched by the cable accessory manufacturer are strictly trained and have sufficient construction experience;

(3) Whether the coordination between different departments of the cable accessory manufacturer is good;

(4) Past sales and operation records.

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