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Introduction to Power Accessories

Pulished on Nov. 27, 2018

The power cable accessory (English name: Cable Accessories) such as Transmission Cross Arm is a product connecting cable and transmission and distribution lines and related power distribution devices. It generally refers to the intermediate connection and terminal connection of various cables in the cable line, and it forms a power transmission network together with the cable; The cable accessories are mainly based on the characteristics of the cable structure, which can restore the performance of the cable, and ensure the extension of the cable length and the connection of the terminal. The reliability of high-voltage cable accessories can be judged in terms of electrical performance, sealing moisture resistance, mechanical properties and process performance.

The connection method of cable accessories such as Triple Eye Nut is generally divided into terminal connection and intermediate connection. Terminal connection is divided into indoor terminal and outdoor terminal. Generally, outdoor terminal refers to open-air cable connector, and indoor terminal refers to connector for indoor connection cable and electrical device; The connection is divided into straight-through and insulated.

Triple Eye Nut