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What Are the Characteristics of Power Fittings?

Pulished on Nov. 18, 2018

We are a supplier of electrical equipment, providing Outdoor Fused Cutouts and Aluminum Alloy Damper. Today, we give you a look at the characteristics of power fittings for power fittings.

1), hanging metal fittings, also known as supporting metal fittings or hanging clamps. This type of fitting is mainly used to suspend the wire insulator string (used for linear towers) and the suspension jumper on the insulator string.
2), anchoring hardware, also known as fastening fittings or wire clamps. The metal fitting is mainly used for fastening the terminal of the wire to be fixed on the wire-resistant insulator string, and is also used for fixing the lightning-proof terminal and anchoring the cable. The anchoring hardware bears all the tension of the wire and the lightning protection wire, and some anchoring hardware becomes the electric conductor.
3), connecting the fittings, also known as hanging wire parts. This fitting is used to connect the insulators in a string and the connection of the fittings to the fittings. It is subjected to mechanical loads.

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