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  • Aluminum PG Clamp
  • Aluminum PG Clamp
  • Aluminum PG Clamp

Aluminum PG Clamp

Product Description

Parallel Groove Clamp

PG clamp is known for parallel groove clamp, especially used in transmission line to hold transmission conductors in parallel.

PG Clamp solutions offered provides for secure holding support of transmission conductors. These parallel groove clamps come with features like high corrosion-resistance, aluminum alloy construction in hot forged finish, stainless steel based bolts & nuts in hot-dip galvanized finish, corrosion protected washer support, precision developed pressure pads with spring washers in hot-dip galvanized finish, copper based conductors and others. We can also custom design and develop these clamps as per the specific requirements of the customers.

PG Clamp


1. What is a parallel groove clamp (PG clamp)?

A PG clamp is an electrical accessory used to connect and secure overhead power lines, conductors, or cables to various types of support structures, like poles or towers.

2. How do PG clamps work?

The parallel groove clamp is used to connect ACSR and aluminium conductors with high strength aluminium alloy.

3. How are PG clamps installed?

PG clamps are typically installed by trained technicians.

Do not cut the strands from the conductor or double over strands of the conductor to make it fit until you get the correct size of the clamp.

Make the PG clamp and conductor ready by brushing the contact surfaces to remove the oxide.

Lavishly apply grease over the brushed area of the conductor only to ensure that the entire area is being covered properly.

4. Are PG clamps suitable for both low and high-voltage applications?

Yes, PG clamps are versatile and can be used in both low and high-voltage applications, making them suitable for various electrical systems.