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What Should I Avoid When Using Eye Bolts?

Pulished on Dec. 08, 2023

Eye bolt is an important accessory used in many hardware jobs. Simply put, it can be said that eye bolts are screws containing a looped end to which a cable can be fixed. This makes them useful for hanging items on walls, pillars, or ceilings. They come in various types and can be used for various purposes according to their structure and degree of durability.

Whenever you have any work to do, it is necessary to make sure that you have the right tools and accessories to complete it. This will make your work easier and safer. This becomes more important in hardware-related work, because improper repair may eventually lead to further damage and even endanger human lives.

What should I avoid when using eye bolts?

• Do not force a slingshot through the eye bolts.

•Do not over tighten the eye bolts.

• Do not mark eye bolts with paint or color. Painting can conceal serious flaws.

• Never force hooks or other accessories into the eyes; they must fit freely.

• Do not impact the eye bolts, and the lifting should be completely slow and gradual.

•Do not use single-eye bolts to lift loads that can rotate freely.

• Do not use eye bolts that show signs of wear or any other defects.

• Do not insert hooks in eye bolts, use shackles.

• Do not exceed the rated capacity of the eye bolt.

• Do not change the eye bolts. Grinding, machining, stamping, or any form of modification may affect the strength and integrity of the eye bolt.

Eye Bolts

Eye Bolts


Working environments, such as ambient temperature and humidity, outdoor factors, abrasion, etc. will affect the use of eye bolts. Before each use and re-use of eye bolts, a routine inspection should be carried out by qualified personnel familiar with the application and installation of eye bolts.

Eye bolts should not be painted or otherwise coated when used for lifting; such coatings are difficult to check for defects or wear indicators.

Lifting eyes should be checked regularly for the following conditions:

1. Elongated or curved eye section

2. Long or curved shank

3. Nicks and gouges

4. Significant wear

5. Signs of being polished, cut, heated, welded, repaired, or modified in any way

6. Worn, corroded, and/or distorted threads

7. Cracks found through non-destructive testing

8. Lack of sufficient identification marks

9. If any of the above conditions exist, the eye bolts should be removed from service and destroyed. In addition, when the manufacturer's identification mark is no longer easily identifiable, any eye bolts should be removed from service and destroyed to ensure correct reference for continued safe usage.

10. Crushing or cutting across the eyes is a recommended method of destruction.

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