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How To Install Carriage Bolts In 5 Easy Steps

Pulished on Aug. 24, 2021

How To Install Carriage Bolts In 5 Easy Steps

Step 1: Measure the carriage bolts

First, you need to measure the carriage bolt you have chosen.

To do this, find a measurement tap and determine the diameter and length of the bolts you are using.

Step 2: Take the bolt sized drill bit

It is very important to obtain a drill bit the same size as the carriage bolt. If the size does not match, then you may not be able to install the bolts correctly.

If you choose a larger drill bit for drilling, it will cause the bolts to loosen.

And if you choose a smaller one, you can’t put the carriage bolts in the holes to fix it. Therefore, determine the exact size of the drill bit in order to drill up this hole.

If you drill holes on a metal surface, you should coat the drill bit with cutting fluid. The coating will help make perforation easier.

Step 3: Use a drill machine to dig a hole

Next, you need to dig a hole in the material where you want to install the carriage bolts. In addition, slowing down the drilling speed can help you control the drilling speed.

Step 4: Use a hammer to insert the bolt into the hole

You can slide the carriage bolt into the hole you drilled. The hole you drilled maybe a bit clogged.

So, in order to avoid the problem of bolts sliding into the holes, you can use a hammer to drive the bolts in.

Tap the bolt lightly with a hammer, and the rest of the work is done.

Step 5: Put in the washer and tighten up the bolt

After placing the bolts in the holes, it is now time to complete the installation of the carriage bolts.

A washer needs to be placed on the reverse side of the bolt and material. Bolt domes and washers must be placed on different sides of the material.

When you have successfully installed the washer, it is time to put the nut on it. Roll over a nut on the bolt and tighten it with a wrench.

The square shoulder on the bolt prevents rotation on the material.

The shoulder helps to keep the carriage bolt firmly on the element and form a strong bond.

The installation guide needs to follow accurately in order to install the carriage bolts on any surface and make the bonding between different parts of the element stronger.

In addition, the placement of carriage bolts should be determined before drilling.

In this way, you can guarantee perfect holes and also make perfect connections between wood or metal parts.

Carriage Bolt

Carriage Bolt

How to use carriage bolts?

It is very common to use carriage bolts when making different types of furniture or machines. These bolts need to be perfectly placed and installed to work properly.

Therefore, the use of bolts is more likely to make the process tighter and bring things together in a stronger way.

Therefore, the use of bolts should be predetermined, if you need it or not.