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The role of insulators

Pulished on Oct. 16, 2019

1. Definition of insulator

Insulator pin, commonly known as porcelain bottles, are insulators used to support wires. The insulator can ensure sufficient insulation between the wire and the cross arm and the tower. It should be able to withstand the load in the vertical direction of the wire and the pulling force in the horizontal direction during operation. It is also exposed to sun, rain, climate change and chemical attack.

2. The role of insulators

One end of the high-voltage power line connecting tower is adorned with a plurality of disk-shaped insulators, which are usually made of glass or ceramic to increase the creepage distance, and are called insulators. Insulators are an insulated control that plays an important role in overhead transmission lines, which serves to support the conductors and prevent current from returning to the ground. Previously, insulators were mostly used in utility poles, and have now evolved into disc-shaped porcelain pin insulators that are hung on one end of a high-voltage wire connection tower, usually made of ceramic or glass. The insulator should ensure that the various electromechanical stresses remain unchanged when the environmental and electrical load conditions change. Otherwise, it will not only fail to function properly, but will damage the service life of the entire line.

In order to prevent dust or the like from adhering to the surface of the insulator, the formation of the passage is broken by the voltage on the insulator, that is, the leakage. Therefore, increasing the surface distance, that is, the creepage distance, the distance along the insulating surface, that is, the leakage distance, is called the creepage distance. Creepage distance = surface distance / system * high voltage. The creepage distance in the heavy soil area is usually 31 mm/kV depending on the degree of pollution. A zero-value insulator refers to an insulator whose potential distribution on the insulator is close to zero or equal to zero during operation. The role of zero or low value insulators: the insulation of the wires depends on the insulator string. The insulation properties of the insulator will continue to deteriorate due to manufacturing defects or external influences. When the insulation resistance decreases or is zero, it is called a low or zero value insulator. We have tested this line and the ratio of zero or low value insulators is as high as 9%. This is another reason for the company's high lightning strike rate. The insulator is smooth and reduces the capacitive reactance between the wires to reduce current loss.

The role of insulators

Porcelain Pin Insulators

3. Development prospects of insulator manufacturers

In China's insulator industry, in addition to the relatively stable operation of the arrester, the pillars and hollow insulators have made great progress, and there are many problems with casing products. According to statistics, the failure rate of the insulator is 0.3%. Among them, the high voltage part is 0.1%, and the glass and porcelain insulators are 0.2%. Therefore, each production enterprise needs to further strengthen the quality control from the aspects of design, raw materials and process, strengthen communication with the demand side, develop new products that continuously meet the needs of power grid construction, and make certain contributions to the construction of smart grid.

In the process of rapid development of the insulator industry, there are still two problems to be solved:

The first type, the scale of the company is small, the industry concentration is low, and the whole industry is relatively“distributed”;

The development of the second, basic materials affects the development of insulator technology and requires further research and development work.

After continuous development in recent years, the quality of China's insulator products has been greatly improved, and it has been well adapted to the requirements of China's power grid development. Its manufacturing level has reached the international level, and its operating performance is getting better and better. In recent years, the development of China's power industry has brought unprecedented opportunities for the development of the insulator industry. Industrial enterprises should seize the opportunity, rely on technological progress, strengthen quality management, and fully meet the needs of the electric industry, especially hollow ceramic insulators and complete sets of equipment. Market demand for tubular products. With the deepening of China's urban power grid reconstruction and smart grid construction, the demand for power line fittings has increased sharply, the market potential is huge, and the development prospects are broad.