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Classification and Use of Overhead Line Fittings

Pulished on Oct. 22, 2019

Overhead line fittings can be seen around us. Do you know the classification and use? Power accessories are primarily used in conjunction with various types of power system equipment through connections, which are mechanical loads, metal fittings for transferring charge and protection. Among them, the power fittings used in the overhead line are called wire fittings, the wire fittings are connected to the insulator and the tower, and are used for connection in the insulation of the cable and the overhead transmission line. It must have sufficient mechanical strength and flexibility in assembly and operation. The various types of wires used in the tower, and in addition to the size of the protection lines, they must match.

According to the main performance and accessories used, pipe attachment clamps, traction clamps, connection accessories, protective accessories, can be roughly divided into connection accessories and drawing accessories.

Overhead Line Fittings

Gold Ball Connection - Socket Connection Accessories - Chain Connection Accessories - Board attachments, chains between clamps and insulators will be used for the connection between the insulator chain and the tower. It is connected to the metal part, which is commonly used, and has a side hanging ring with a spherical head, a pendant plate and a ball head, a U-shaped pendant ring, a right angle ring, an extension ring, a U-shaped screw, a parallel pendant plate, a right angle side Hang the board, hang the type U disk, connect the board, the tow board, and the mating board.

Continuous metal press fits and continuous fitting connecting rods and hydraulic connecting bolts are used for cable connections, as well as traction tower bridge connections and overhead ground wires.

Protective accessories seismic hammer bar space bar gate line protection cable, anti-vibration hammer moving ground wire, the spacer bar, inspection line, will be used for the gate line. The spacer strip is used to suppress vibration of the second gear. It is a string and pressure compensation ring used to protect the halogenated protective ring of the electrical insulator. Adjusting the cable clamps that are connected to the adjustable UT type. The cable clamps the tower cable. The traction cable is stable. Two traction cable plates are used.

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