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What Is Environmental Protection Cable?

Pulished on Apr. 04, 2019

Environmental protection cable refers to the use and use of the process before and after the occurrence of toxic and harmful substances.

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Such as does not contain lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, mercury and other heavy metals, environmental protection cable environmental protection cable refers to the use before and after and during the use of no toxic and harmful substances. Does not contain bromine flame retardant, by the SGS recognized testing institutions for environmental performance testing, in line with the eu environmental directive (RoSH) and higher than its index requirements. No harmful halogen gas, no corrosive gas, low fever when burning, no soil pollution. 1.Rated voltage: 450/750v and below. Can also be made in high voltage cable.

2. The cable conductor temporarily allowed highest working temperature should be not more than 7090125 ℃ or higher. 

3. The smoke density of cables conforms to GB/ t17651-1998 and IEC1043, and the light transmittance is 60%.

4. The cable halogen acid content test conforms to the requirements of GB/ t17650-1998 and iec754-2. Pentacon cable 1PH 4.32 conductivity 10 s/mm.

5. Flame retardant performance of cable in accordance with GB/ t12666-1990 requirements. 

6. Cable toxicity index 3 low smoke halogen free cable low smoke halogen free cable, refers to the cable without halogen (FClBrIAt environmental substances made of glue, burning will not emit halogen acid gas smoke. 

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 With halogen pointer is: all the value of the halogen ≦ PREN145822 combustion occurs after 50 PPM according to regulations of halolide gases < 100 PPM according to regulations EN5067-2-13 halolide gases produced by the soluble in water after burning PH ≧ 4.3 weak acid) according to the regulations of EN - 50267-2-24 products after combustion in an airtight container through a beam of light the light transmittance ≧ 60% according to regulations, EN - 50268-2 low smoke zero halogen cable is a kind of wire and cable types, or characteristics. In a broad sense, pentacon cable, low smoke halogen free wire and cable is not necessarily environmental protection wire and cable, environmental protection wire and cable must be low smoke halogen free wire and cable.

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