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What is An Iron Tower Anchor Bolt?

Pulished on Mar. 25, 2019

As the name suggests, tower Anchor Bolt are bolts used exclusively for the construction of towers. Hot-dip galvanized bolts are different from iron tower bolts in that they are specially made by ordinary galvanized products of bolted fastener products. Hot-dip galvanized bolt products and tower bolts are among the special bolts because their use determines the difference from ordinary bolt products. With the continuous improvement of the national power network, it is necessary to transfer electricity from many areas with abundant hydropower resources to areas with large power consumption gaps. At this time, many electric power towers need to be built, and iron tower bolts are one of the important materials for building iron towers. The main function of the iron bolts is to firmly build a number of special steels to make the whole tower stable and safe. After the power tower is built, the transmission lines need to be built on the power tower, which puts forward the quality and safety of the tower. A more severe test. Due to the mountainous hills in the central and western regions of China, many electric power towers are mostly built in the mountains, and some even in shallow bays. The reliability of the power tower bolts is directly related to the safety and stability of the entire transmission line. The collapse of the tower of the kilovolt ultra-high voltage transmission line is unimaginable. Therefore, when purchasing iron tower bolt products, we must choose the products of regular manufacturers. Corresponding hot-dip galvanized bolts have a galvanized layer on the surface, so the product performance is stronger than ordinary bolts, and it has better oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance, especially in wet environment. Power tower bolts and hot-dip galvanized bolts are among the best in bolting products, and how to choose them depends on the specific construction requirements.

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