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How to solve insulation failure

Pulished on Dec. 10, 2019

In electrical safety, insulation damage, or insulation failure, is one of the main protection risks. This is mostly due to the combined effect of electric fields, thermal, chemical, mechanical, biological and other factors. damage. Generally speaking, insulation failure includes insulation breakdown, insulation aging, and insulation damage.

1. Insulation breakdown:

When the strength of the electric field applied to the dielectric is higher than the critical value, the current passing through the dielectric will suddenly increase, causing the insulating fitting to be destroyed and the insulation performance completely lost. This phenomenon is called dielectric breakdown. The voltage at which breakdown occurs is called the breakdown voltage, and the electric field strength at the time of breakdown is referred to as the breakdown field strength.

2.Insulation aging

The insulation aging process is very complicated. As far as its aging mechanism is concerned, there are mainly thermal aging mechanism and electrical aging mechanism.

(1) Thermal aging: Generally, in electrical equipment, the main factor that promotes the aging of insulating materials is heat. Each insulating material has its extreme heat-resistant temperature. When this temperature is exceeded, its aging will increase and the life of electrical equipment will be shortened.

(2) Electrical aging: It is mainly caused by partial discharge. Partial discharge will produce ozone, nitrogen oxides and high-speed particles, and will also cause the material to locally generate heat, which will cause the insulation performance of the insulating material to decrease.

3.Insulation damage

Insulation damage refers to the improper selection of insulation materials, incorrect installation of electrical equipment and circuits, and improper use of electrical equipment, which cause the porcelain pin insulators to be polluted and eroded by external corrosive liquids, gases, vapors, moisture, and dust , Or the effect of external heat sources, mechanical factors, in a short or short period of time to lose its electrical or mechanical properties.

How to solve the insulation failure problem

1. Use high insulation varnish.

ITW Chemtronics Konform Tri-proof paint has excellent insulation properties, and its insulation strength can reach more than 1100vol / mil. Protects PCBs, components and flexible circuit boards from environmental damage. Spray, dip and brush applications are available. After curing, this is a tough, transparent coating that won't break and crack, so it can provide excellent protection for circuit boards / components.

2. Insulating and thermally conductive materials

Mainly applicable to DBC PIM / IPM package. Has excellent insulation and adjustable thickness. Through the pressing process, a multilayer board is manufactured, which uses the characteristics of a highly thermally conductive insulating material to fill and form an insulating layer, and is cured after heating to form a stable insulating material. At the same time, each layer of each circuit is connected to form an integrated multilayer board.

Composite Insulator

Composite Insulator

3.Insulation dip paint

After curing, the dipped paint forms a solid material with excellent insulation, mechanical and electrical properties; high heat resistance and high adhesion, and also has strong resistance to solvents, steam, oil and other chemicals Performance. A stable electrical insulation system can provide protection for electrical motors. The insulation system can protect the motor from high temperature, chemical, moisture and other damage, making the electrical appliances work efficiently and smoothly.