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How Does the Decoration Tower Work Better?

Pulished on Jan. 14, 2019

The assembly effect of the decorative tower is affected by many factors, including: lifting, installation of accessories such as the Swage Nut, weather during construction, inspection of machinery and equipment, commissioning and inspection after installation. These processes play a vital role in the assembly of the decorative tower, and how a process can affect the assembly of the decorative tower.

(1) Lifting matters: When the decoration tower starts to hoist, the chief commander of the ground and the commander of the aerial work must pay close attention to the force of the mast and confirm that there is no problem before continuing to hoist. The components must be placed in balance during the lifting process. She was stopped by the tower.

(2) Attachment installation: After installing the first main material, the fork iron on both sides must be sealed first, and then the remaining auxiliary materials such as the Forged Eye Ball  should be hoisted by the ram. The hoisting rope must be hung on the base of the mast to reduce the The rod is laterally stressed.

(3) Construction weather: It is strictly forbidden to carry out lifting and high-altitude operations in bad weather such as rain and snow, dense fog, icing on the tower, high temperature at noon or strong winds above six.

(4) Machine inspection: The cutter driver should always check and maintain the brake system and gear box of the winch.

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