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What Are the Different Types of Power Gold Used?

Pulished on Jan. 05, 2019

You may have seen a lot of metal products such as Aluminum Alloy Damper used to transport wires in your life, but you certainly don't know what they are called. In fact, they all have a common name, that is, electric power fittings. There are many types of power fittings and they are widely used. If divided according to the structure and function of the power fittings, we can be divided into tensile clamps, protective fittings and so on.

T-type clamps, busbar fittings, cable fittings, etc.; can be used as line fittings and transformers according to the purpose. According to the power fittings unit, it is divided into malleable cast iron, forging, aluminum, copper, aluminum and cast iron, with a total of four units. It can also be divided into national and non-national standards, the main properties and uses of gold fittings, and the fittings can be divided into different types.

Strain Clamp

Various wire clamps for mounting wires, various hanging loops constituting insulator strings such as China Composite Insulators, various crimping pipes, repair pipes for connecting wires, various types of spacer bars on split wires, and various types of towers. The pull wire fittings and the size of the protective wires are used to match each other.

Most of the metal fittings need to withstand large pulling forces during operation, and some also need to ensure good electrical contact. It is related to the safety of the wires or towers. Even if one is damaged, it may cause line faults. Therefore, the quality, proper use and installation of the fittings have a certain impact on the safe transmission of the line.