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Introduction and technical standard of disc suspension insulator structure

Pulished on Sep. 10, 2019

Introduction and technical standard of disc suspension insulator structure shared by Power Line Fitting supplier.

Introduction and technical standard of disc-type suspension insulator with easy cleaning:

A disc type suspension insulator is a suspension insulator composed of a disc type insulator and a connecting fixture. Its insulation parts are generally made of electrical ceramics and tempered glass. Hardware usually consists of a steel riser and a needle - shaped steel foot. Therefore, the disc-type suspension insulator is also called the cap-foot suspension insulation string insulator. The disc-type suspension Glass Insulator (hereinafter referred to as the insulator) is used for insulation and fixed wires in high-voltage overhead transmission and distribution lines.

porcelain insulator

Porcelain Stay Insulators

Insulator strings are generally assembled for use on circuits of different voltage levels. Insulators are classified into general type and pollution resistant type according to their operating environment and area. General type insulators are suitable for general areas. If the number of insulators is properly added, the pollution flashover function can be improved. Pollution resistant insulators can be divided into bell type and double type according to their umbrella structure. Pollution resistant insulators are suitable for industrial dust, chemical industry, salt and alkali, coastal and foggy areas. The best application range of pollution resistant insulators of different structure types should be summarized and confirmed after pre-test operation.

The disc-type suspension porcelain insulator (hereinafter referred to as tempered glass insulator) for high voltage overhead lines is used for insulation and fixing effect. Generally, the insulator string is connected in series and used in the lines of various voltage levels. Insulators are divided into two types: general type and pollution-resistant type. Pollution-resistant insulators are generally used in areas with serious industrial pollution such as coastal areas and metallurgical and chemical industries. Insulator has two series of products, old and new, old series of products according to the electrical load of one hour.

New series of products according to the mechanical and electrical damage load. The new series of products have the advantages of advanced structure, good function and standard connection of metal accessories, which will replace the old series of products. Suspension insulators are made of porcelain parts, iron caps and steel feet with no less than no. 525 Portland cement, porcelain sand or quartz sand cement. Iron cap and steel feet touch the surface with a thin layer of buffer layer.