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Derivation of Wire and Cable and New Products

Pulished on Dec. 21, 2018

The derivative/new products of wire and cable such as Aluminum Alloy Suspension Clamp are mainly due to the requirements of application, application requirements, equipment convenience and equipment cost reduction, and adopt new materials, special materials, or change product structure, or improve process requirements, or will be different. Variety of products are produced in combination.

Use different materials such as flame-retardant cables, low-smoke halogen-free/low-smoke low-halogen cables, termite-proof, mouse-proof cables, oil/cold/temperature resistant cables, etc.

Change product structure such as: fire resistant cable;

Improve process requirements such as: medical cables;

Combination products such as: OPGW;

Easy to install and reduce equipment costs such as: prefabricated branch cables.

We asupply all kinds of Cable accessory such as Cable accessory and Electric Insulating Fitting. If you have demand, welcome to contact us.

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