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Discuss the Role of Composite Insulators on Transformers

Pulished on Mar. 08, 2019

Composite insulators such as Porcelain Line Post Insulators have a wider application in China. They are very useful in the interior of transformers, but very few people understand this. It is necessary to have a good understanding of the pollution resistance. To achieve this overall goal, we need to pay attention to the following phenomena.

The role of composite insulators such as Porcelain Stay Insulators on transformers:

Porcelain Pin Insulators

Selection of mechanical strength

The most prominent feature of composite insulator core rods is high toughness and high specific strength. Its tensile strength reaches 7000 MPa, and the specific strength is 5 times that of high quality carbon steel.

Some regions and their units have clearly proposed the application of composite insulators, the mechanical strength is higher than the traditional porcelain, glass insulators, such as the application of porcelain insulators 160kN, and the use of composite insulators 210kN.

But in fact, when it is applied with a load of less than 50% of the rated mechanical equipment load, it can also ensure the credibility of its operation. Therefore, the composite insulator can be completely used in accordance with the ceramic insulator without increasing the load value of the mechanical device.

The mandrel load deflection measurement concluded that the composite insulator has excellent bending resistance, excellent resistance to dancing and breeze vibration. When it is used on a tower, it can withstand a certain bending moment. In the long-term operation of products with different end connection structures, it is listed that the change of mechanical properties will be different, such as natural environment, external and internal factors, etc., and it is necessary to conduct in-depth analysis.