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Material Structure Analysis of Composite Insulators for Insulators

Pulished on Mar. 04, 2019

The outer insulating surface of the composite insulator is a mixture of the outer insulating material such as the Silicon Rubber Composite Polymer Insulators, which is placed in a fixed-shaped mold cavity and is vulcanized by heating and pressing. The surface material structure distribution is different from the internal material structure distribution. The random distribution of the white carbon black reinforcing agent particles, due to the intermediate action of the outer surface hydroxyl groups of the white carbon black reinforcing agent and the anti-structurizing agent hydroxy silicone oil, the surface of the white carbon black reinforcing agent particles has a considerable thickness of silicone Molecules, the outer surface of which has a normal conformation of the siloxane molecular active segment and the number of siloxane molecules in the free state end by the number of organic heads, and the aluminum hydroxide with a small amount of randomly distributed particle size on the surface layer and a small amount of other filling When the particles are granulated, the surface thereof is arranged in a two-dimensional linear siloxane molecule and an intermolecular cross-linking point in an adhesive orientation, and it is impossible to have a molecular active segment and a siloxane molecule free state end. The formation of the correspondingly large particle size aluminum hydroxide and a small amount of other filler particles on the surface thereof, due to the tempering mold heating, the pressure vulcanization process and the fluidity of the colloidal siloxane molecules, etc. Particle bulging is unlikely to occur on the surface of the outer edge material, and it is most likely that the top of the particle is parallel to the surface of the silicone rubber material.

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