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What Kinds of Cable Accessories Are There?

Pulished on Dec. 12, 2018

Type of cable accessories such as Aluminum Alloy Damper:

There are many types of cable accessories, with different types of features and limitations, and generally cannot be replaced by each other.

China Silicon Rubber Insulator

(1) Wrapped cable accessories: The cable accessories such as China Silicon Rubber Insulator made by the rubber tape (self-adhesive) made in the field are called the wrapped cable accessories, which are easy to loose, poor in fire resistance and short in life;

(2) Watering cable accessories: water-based resin is used as the main material to be poured on site. The selected materials are epoxy resin, polyurethane, acrylate, etc. The fatal disadvantage of this type of cable accessories is that bubbles are easily formed during curing. ;

(3) Molded cable accessories: mainly used for cable intermediate connection, mold clamping and heating in the field, integrated with the cable, the assembly process is complicated and long, and it is not suitable for terminal joints;

(4) Cold-shrinkable cable accessories: The elastomers such as silicone rubber and EPDM rubber are first pre-expanded in the factory and plastic support bars are added to form.

(5) Heat-shrinkable cable accessories: The rubber-plastic alloy is made into an accessory made of different component products with a shape memory effect and heat-shrinked on the cable in the field.

(6) Prefabricated cable accessories: Accessories made by injecting silicone rubber into different components, one-time vulcanization molding, leaving only the contact interface and inserting cables during on-site construction.

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