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Pulished on Aug. 24, 2018

Employing the correct fastener in repairs or constructions is essential for the structural security of the project. To ensure a reliable connection, it is mandatory that the fastener fits into the hole perfectly. 

1.Wedge anchors

While it is true that wedge anchors have a similar appearance to headless bolts, the difference resides in the conical hollow bottom of the former, hence the name.

2.Anchor bolts

Irrespective of the type of anchor bolts used, be it S-shaped, J-shaped or straight, these fasteners are typically embedded into wet cement. 

3.Sleeve anchors

Similar to wedge anchor, sleeve anchors look like a headless bolt with a hollow bottom. 

4.Drop-in anchors

As the name suggests, drop-in anchors consist of a bolt and an empty metallic cylinder, which is sealed at one side and open on the other. Because the sealed end is hollow, installing it is similar to sleeve and wedge anchors. After the anchor is set in place, the engineers thread the corresponding bolt into the fastener’s cavity.

5.Self-Drilling Screw Fastener

While it is true that they’re cheaper and easier to install compared to anchors, the truth is that they’re also weaker than the aforementioned fasteners.