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What Is a Composite Insulator?

Pulished on Apr. 26, 2021

What Is a Composite Insulator?

Composite insulators began in the 1950s in the world and have a history of more than 40 years. China's silicone rubber insulators went into production around 1967. China's silicone rubber insulators were put into production around 1967. Silicone rubber insulators have been produced and operated in my country for more than ten years. In the power system, there are thousands of high-voltage composite insulators in operation in China. With the implementation of my country's ultra-high voltage transmission and transformation projects, the project of transmission of electricity from west to east will be further launched, and the demand for high-voltage composite insulators will greatly be increased.

What is a composite insulator?

The composite insulator is a special insulation control device that plays an important role in overhead transmission lines.

Composite insulators can be divided into line composite insulators and power stations, electrical composite insulators. It can be divided into rod suspension type composite insulator, needle type composite insulator, cross arm type composite insulator, post type composite insulator, wind deflection type composite insulator, etc.

In the early days, insulators were mainly used for power poles. With the development of science and technology, a large number of disc insulators are slowly developing at one end of the high-voltage wire connecting tower. They are used to increase the creepage distance and are generally made of glass or ceramics, called insulators. Insulators play two basic roles in overhead transmission lines, namely supporting wires and preventing current from being reversed. These two functions must be ensured. Insulators should not fail due to changes in the environment and electrical load conditions that cause various electrical and mechanical stresses. Otherwise, the insulator will not have a significant effect and will endanger the use and overall operation of the entire line.

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