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What Are The Precautions For The Installation Of Anchor Bolts?

Pulished on Jul. 29, 2021

What Are The Precautions For The Installation Of Anchor Bolts?

An anchor bolt is a heavy-duty fastener used to connect objects and concrete. For example, steel poles are usually installed on concrete surfaces with anchor bolts. The anchor bolt penetrates the base of the pole into the concrete interior. Due to the unique anchor bolt design, the pole remains stable and safe.

An anchor bolt is a common fastener used to connect one or more objects to a concrete surface. Since concrete is fragile, you can use traditional bolt applications, such as this kind. To ensure that the connected object stays in place, anchor bolts must be used.

The size of the reserved holes for anchor bolts shall meet the requirements of civil construction and equipment installation.

1) The minimum size of the reserved hole is 100×100mm, the distance between the bolt hook and the carved wall should be greater than or equal to 20mm, and the distance from the edge of the foundation hole should be greater than or equal to 100mm. When the size is less than 100mm, the installer can use the pre-embedded method or strengthen the foundation.

2) The distance between the bolt hook of the anchor bolt and the bottom of the hole is about 80mm, and the depth of the hole = the depth of anchor bolt embedding + the distance from the bolt hook to the bottom of the hole.

3) If the equipment is installed on a concrete beam, the anchor bolts are generally pre-buried. If the equipment foundation has special requirements, professional installers can also embed the casing in the concrete beam.


4) The size of the embedded casing should ensure that the gap between the anchor bolt and the casing is at least 10mm so that the position of the bolt can be adjusted when the equipment is installed in the sand filling and compaction step.

5) It should be noted that when installing the anchor bolts, the bolts need to have an appropriate length, good cushioning performance, strong stability, excellent quality performance, and easy replacement.

6) For equipment installed on steel beams, the size design of bolts, nuts, and gaskets should be selected by installation engineering professionals. When installing the anchor bolts, make sure that the anchor bolts penetrate the upper and lower edges of the foundation steel.

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