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The importance of Power Line Fittings

Pulished on Sep. 18, 2018

In China's power industry, the extensive use of Electric Power Fittings, the insulation of the insulated tools after damp will be greatly reduced, and the strict crisis has reached the life safety of the maintenance personnel. The existing measures are to store or store insulating tools in wooden or iron cabinets or insulated tools. Wood and iron tool cabinets do not have a long-term constant moisture-proof effect, and are highly vulnerable to moisture. 

In the characteristics of Power Line Fittings, it also has tools to use the function of no condensation at all. It can dehumidify and dry the edge tools in a timely manner with low energy consumption and economical application, and adapt to the needs of rapid reuse. And it also has a certain comprehensive function of dustproof, loss prevention and moisture proof.

Power Line Fittings