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Symptoms Of a Bad Or Failing Stay Rod

Pulished on Aug. 10, 2021

Symptoms Of a Bad Or Failing Stay Rod

Common signs that your classic car has a failing stay rod include rattling noises from the front and the radiator that looks tilted or about to fall.

The stay rod keeps the radiator in place with a solid mounting point. The stay rods connected to fenders, firewalls, or cross members depend on the make and model of the vehicle you are driving. These parts are usually used in classic cars and hot rods. Modern cars use radiator support and corresponding bushings/brackets to fix the radiator.

Over time, the stay rods in your class car may bend or break due to excessive movement and the forces they receive on a daily basis. If you suspect that your stay role is broken or failing, observe the following symptoms.

Rattling noise from the front

If you notice a rattling noise coming from the front of your classic car, it means that the stay rod may be loose. Whether it is the stay rod itself, or a component of the stay rod, such as a bolt, this problem should be resolved as soon as possible. This is vital to the function of your vehicle's stay rods to keep the radiator in place because without a radiator, the engine will overheat and become damaged.

Stay rod

Stay rod

The radiator is not installed correctly

When you look at the hood of your classic car, find the radiator. You should notice that it is safely installed in your vehicle. If it looks tilted or like it is about to fall, you should contact the mechanic as soon as possible before the stay rod fails completely.

Once you hear rattling noises or notice that the radiator is not installed correctly, please contact a mechanic for further diagnosis. Do not wait to get the stay rod replaced, because it will cause damage to your radiator and engine.

Next step

Arrange a mechanical inspection of a vehicle body

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