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What are the factors that affect insulation resistance measurement results of power fittings?

Pulished on Jun. 24, 2019

Temperature is the main factor that affects insulation resistance measurement results of power fittings. Shared the Power Line Fittings supplier.

What are the factors that affect insulation resistance measurement results of Power Line Fittings

The main factors affecting the measurement results of insulation resistance of power fittings are temperature, humidity and discharge time:

1. As the temperature increases, the dielectric polarization intensifies, resulting in increased conductance and decreased resistance. Therefore, the insulation resistance decreases with the increase of temperature.

2. The moisture absorption on the surface of the insulation resistance or the formation of water film on the porcelain insulation surface will significantly reduce the insulation resistance

Electrical conductance increases, insulation resistance decreases.

3. The measured insulation resistance is equivalent to the application of dc voltage on the insulation, so the measured object is charged. After the measurement, the measured object should be fully discharged, and the discharge time should be longer than the charging time

Time, so that the residual charge did not exhaust, so that when the repeated measurement, the charge current and absorption current obtained is smaller than the previous measurement value, thus the absorption ratio decreases, absolutely

An imaginary increase in the edge resistance.

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