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Installation and use of Socket Clevis

Pulished on Aug. 07, 2018

1. The fittings and insulators of the Socket Clevis shall be installed after the poles have been placed to the respective pole positions.

①. The assembly of the insulator strings should be carried out on the ground.

②. The fittings and insulators are installed on the ground and at high altitude.

a. In order to improve work efficiency, if there are construction conditions, ground assembly is generally adopted, and high-altitude assembly is considered only when construction is restricted.

b. When installing the fittings and insulators at high altitude, the workers shall carry the personal tools, fine brown ropes, steel tape measures, etc. Mark the pole and determine the mounting position of the cross arm. Then the person under the pole will tie the cross arm to the lower end of the rope, and the trainer will pull it up to the top of the pole and install it in place. Then, install the other hardware, insulator or insulator strings in place.

2. Scope of application

①. This standard applies to overhead power lines and substations hanging from the substation of the suspension insulator string.

②. Type size: The bowl head hanging plate is divided into W-7A type and WS-7 type.

a. According to different installations, there are two types of special connection fittings and universal connecting fittings.

b. Dedicated connection fittings refer to the ball head hanging ring and the bowl head hanging plate connected by the insulator. Universal connection fittings are graded according to load tonnage using various conditions.

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Socket Clevis

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