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The Advantages of Adding Silicone Rubber to the High-Voltage Insulator to Increase the Climbing Distance

Pulished on Sep. 12, 2020

Good water repellency

The increased creepage skirt of silicone rubber has strong hydrophobicity. The moisture on the surface of this material forms water droplets. The dirt layer is difficult to wet, and it is difficult to form a continuous conductive layer, thereby improving the surface condition of the combined insulating medium and making The surface leakage current of the insulator with the increased creepage skirt is small, which improves the pollution flashover characteristics.

evenly distributed

Since the Silicon Rubber Insulator has strong water repellency, it is difficult to form a continuous conductive layer, so there will be no uneven voltage distribution, and the phenomenon of increased creepage skirt discharge will occur.

High pollution flashover voltage

The installation of the increased creepage skirt changes the shape of the insulator and extends the arc channel. The test detected that before the increased creeping distance skirt was installed, the insulator pollution flashover path was a straight line, and after the increased creeping distance skirt was installed, the flashover path was a tortuous shape through the umbrella skirt, and the path was much longer than a straight line, so the pollution flashover The voltage is high. At the same time, the installation of a silicone rubber to increase the climbing distance can increase the climbing distance of the porcelain parts. For example, adding a GQB-190/290 umbrella skirt to the ZS-110/400 pillar insulator can increase the climbing distance by 8.2%. An umbrella skirt can increase the climbing distance of 16%.

China Silicon Rubber Insulator

China Silicon Rubber Insulator

Large arc blocking effect

Use the large diameter of China Silicon Rubber Insulator to cut off the "sewage bridge" to prevent the "bridging" accident caused by rainwater, and also prevent the insulator from ice flash accident during the icing process. At the same time, the large diameter umbrella skirts are installed near the upper and lower flanges to act as a barrier to prevent the occurrence and development of arcs.

Strong self-cleaning ability

After adding a large-diameter skirt to increase the creeping distance, the umbrella skirt itself has a certain slope, and the surface is smooth, and it is a soft elastic material, which has a strong self-cleaning ability under the action of wind and rain. Test and measurement have proved that by installing an increased climbing skirt, the dirt accumulation and salt density of the insulators are significantly reduced, and the ability to resist rain flash and fog flash is significantly enhanced. The cleaning cycle can be extended by 3 to 5 years, which is especially suitable for high-voltage large-scale substations and transmission lines that are difficult to power out or difficult to carry out live cleaning.