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Excellent Performance of Composite Insulator

Pulished on Mar. 23, 2020

Composite insulator, the overall rod design, compact structure, high quality, weight is 1/10 of the same grade porcelain and glass insulators, transportation and installation are extremely convenient. Suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile loads, long spans and compact lines. Composite insulators are 30-50% higher than similar grade porcelain and glass insulators. Stable performance at an ambient temperature of -60 degrees to 200 degrees; non-breakdown design adopted, zero measurements are not required during operation, excellent pollution performance. The surface of the silicon rubber umbrella cover material is not only hydrophobic when it is new, but also under the operating conditions of the circuit, when the hydrophobicity is temporarily lost, it can recover its hydrophobicity.

Water forms water droplets on the surface of the material, and the very thin film of silicone rubber liquid basically swallows the dirt, thereby suppressing the dissolution of ionic substances in the water, providing a high surface resistance of the Longcheng Information Network, reducing leakage current and improving Pollution flashover voltage.

Composite Insulator

Composite Insulator

This property is maintained even when the silicone rubber material ages. Therefore, the reliability of power transmission is improved, the cleaning and maintenance costs of insulators are significantly reduced, the excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays, corrosion resistance, small size, and lightweight 110kv / 100kn composite long rod insulators are only 70kn porcelain Percent of the insulator. Such a lightweight greatly saves installation and transportation costs. It tends to eliminate the need for cranes and is particularly suitable for the emergency repair of lines and the erection and maintenance of mountain lines that are inaccessible to transportation vehicles. It can simplify the structure of the tower and allow a large span ( Reduce the number of poles and towers); and provide the conditions for the development of compact lines, production and delivery time is much shorter than porcelain insulators, no insulation resistance zero value detection, no brittleness shortcomings, this feature is not only conducive to installation and transportation but also It also makes it much more resistant to arcing than porcelain insulator washing machines.

Silicon rubber insulators used in the structure and quality of raw materials, synthetic silicon rubber process simplification, the size and distribution of silicone molecules in silicone rubber will all involve the aging resistance of silicone rubber.

① Adopting the fixed production process and using imported high-purity D4 to produce silicone rubber, the various properties of silicone rubber are bound to be stable.

② Silicone rubber composed of methyl-terminated siloxane molecules has obvious aging resistance.

③ Silicone rubber composed of large molecular weight siloxane molecules with a narrow distribution state has good aging resistance.

The -OH on the surface of the gas-phase white-haired black particles of the external insulation reinforcing agent should be strictly controlled to a minimum, otherwise, the excessive partial acidity on the surface may induce cleavage and chain-breaking degradation of the siloxane molecule for a long time. The determination of the corresponding plasticizing process parameters can make the external insulating plasticizing performance satisfactory.

① The internal insulation of the internal mixer is mechanically plasticized with a mixer, which significantly reduces the oxidative degradation of polymer molecules in mechanical refining.

② Determine the appropriate mechanical plasticizing temperature to prevent polymer molecules from deforming before they can relax and move, resulting in chain break degradation. ③ The plastic external insulation must be stored for a period of time to be able to eliminate the internal stress of the molecular structure of the external polymer in the external insulation of the mechanical plastic so that the internal structural stress is balanced, and it is also beneficial to the overall mechanical performance of the external insulation.