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A new fault detection method for insulator

Pulished on Jun. 10, 2019

A new fault detection method for insulator

Composite Insulators China shares that with the rapid development of modern industry, high-voltage and ultra-high-voltage technology has made rapid progress. With the increase of power grid capacity and rated voltage grade, pollution flashover accidents of external insulation of power transmission and transformation equipment in power system become more and more prominent. This leads to a large area of power grid power outage, affecting the safe and stable operation of the power system, resulting in reduced supply reliability. It affects the social image of power system and brings economic loss to some extent. Online check and timely treatment of insulator faults can effectively prevent such accidents.

Let's first analyze the causes of insulator failure

Causes of insulator failure

1.1 faults caused by lightning strike or external force according to statistics, in general, the faults caused by lightning strike account for 50% ~ 55% of the total number of insulator faults in transmission lines. 1.3 failure of songbird excrement caused by bird damage will affect the absolute effect. 1.5 the insulation strength of one or more pieces of faulty insulator string is reduced due to low resistance. 1.6 fault caused by overvoltage

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Second, the traditional detection methods are as follows

2.1 direct observation using a telescope to observe directly offline. It is difficult to find fault in insulator by this method, and sometimes it needs to be judged by pole mounting. Measurement of humidity environment demand is higher, is not suitable for large area 2.3 voltage measurement with distribution of electric contact testing operation, the maximum 2.4 ac withstand voltage method this method is direct and reliable, but need to insulator conversion, are hard to measure the infrared thermal imaging detection can be 2.5 distance measurement on the ground, but are greatly influenced by the temperature change, is not sensitive to long gap discharge. 2.6 uv imaging method USES electronic ultraviolet ultraviolet detection, which can be charged. But it needs to be carried out in a high humidity environment, the result is easily affected by the observation Angle, and the equipment is expensive. To sum up, it can be seen that the traditional detection methods are more or less there are some problems. So is there a direct, effective, safe and reliable way? After long of the failure mechanism of insulator discharge itself to research, exploration, combined with a large number of experimental data, we found that no matter what the material of insulator, any of the above fault occurring early can produce different degree of discharge, the discharge or strong or weak on the insulator itself, and can produce a kind of extremely complex sound waves, the shorter the wavelength of sound waves, higher rates and multi-frequency mixed, almost optics properties, we have sound waves carried on the thorough analysis, find out the characteristics of the sound waves, and developed the newest insulator fault detection methods, namely: characteristics of acoustic detection method. The characteristic acoustic wave detection method is used to detect the characteristic acoustic wave emitted by the defective insulator when the partial discharge occurs, and detect the deterioration of the insulator by the unique property of the acoustic wave. The method is not affected by weather, region, environment and material. Non-contact measurement, continuous electrical operation, safe and reliable. It is one of the most effective methods to detect insulator fault from a distance at present.

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