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Damper Range and Performance Characteristics

Pulished on Feb. 20, 2019

The damper manufacturer damper such as the Aluminum Alloy Damper is a vibration control device that responds to speed. It is mainly suitable for vibration resistance of pipelines and equipment in nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, chemical plants, steel plants, etc. Commonly used to control the impact of fluid vibration (such as main valve quick closing, safety valve discharge, water hammer, broken pipe and other shocks) and seismic vibration of the pipe vibration; The damper to low amplitude high frequency or high amplitude Low-frequency vibrations cannot be effectively controlled. In this case, a spring damper such as Electrical Transmission Line Dampers should be used.

Damper manufacturer hydraulic damper such as Galvanized Steel Damper function characteristics

1. Good corrosion resistance

The primary components are selected from Aussie stainless steel, and the anti-corrosion function is good;

2. Compact structure and reasonable force

Compact structure and symmetrical structure, small equipment space and more reasonable force;

3. Dynamic response is fast

Large damping force and short dynamic response time;

4. Motor control resistance is small

The friction control resistance is small, generally less than 1%-2% of the rated load;

5. Shaking angle

The head and tail hinges are joint bearings, which allow the most shaking angle to be ±6°;

6. Long life

Special hydraulic oil and sealing medium are used for stable operation and long sealing life;

7. High temperature operation

It can be operated in succession at 93 °C, and the short-time operation stability can reach 148 °C.

Aluminum Alloy Damper