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How Does Power Equipment Guard Against Theft?

Pulished on Oct. 30, 2018

What measures should be taken to prevent theft of electrical equipment such as Electric Insulating fitting? Especially for the power equipment in rural areas, the anti-theft equipment in rural areas is not perfect, and the equipment is easy to be stolen. So what measures should we take to prevent the power equipment from being stolen? Here are some simple and effective measures to prevent the theft of electrical equipment.

After adopting the above organization management and technical precautionary measures, we still can't finish the whole work of power facilities such as Electric Power Fittings prevention and protection. Should also through a variety of forms depending on social forces inspection on local power facilities, often through radio, television, advertising slogans such as public opinion tool, to promote knowledge protection and prevention of electric power facilities are stolen, by examining the timely discovery and mastery of power facilities in the operation of the unfavorable factors, such as natural and artificial method should be adopted in the daytime and night patrol, usually combined with assault rounds.

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