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What Are the Classifications of Nuts?

Pulished on Mar. 16, 2019

A nut is a nut such as Square Nut that is screwed together with a bolt or a screw to serve as a fastening part. All components that must be used in manufacturing machinery are classified into carbon steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals (such as copper), etc. depending on the material. Several major types.

(1) Stainless steel

Self-locking nut, locknut, lock nut, four-jaw nut, screw-in nut, nut-spinning nut, self-locking hex cap nut, special-purpose screw nut, hexagonal nut, ring nut .

Fine metal full metal hex flange face lock nut, all metal hex flange face lock nut, fine tooth non-metal insert hex flange face lock nut, fine tooth hex flange face nut;

Welded square nut, welded hex nut, fastening nut, embedded round nut;

Round nut with groove, round nut with hole on side, round nut with hole on end, small round nut;

Round nut, ring nut, wing nut;

(2) Copper

Copper nut, inlaid copper nut, knurled copper nut, embedded copper nut, injection molded copper nut, etc.

(3) alloy

Zinc-copper alloy nuts, etc.

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